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About Us

DonnaClaireDesign is the partnership of Donna Langley (right) and Claire Emiko Fant (left)—web geeks who love design. Although our specialty is web, we design print projects as well. Each project, whether web or print, brings its own goals, requirements and parameters which are determined in close collaboration with you, the client, so that together we can craft a design solution that exceeds expectations.

Claire Fant and Donna Langley


Donna Langley is a Seattle-based designer and co-founder of DonnaClaireDesign. Her early training in the telecommunications industry coupled with a love of solving puzzles eventually led to an interest in visual communications and new media design.

Working through many iterations of evolving web technologies over the years and as a tutor for students of web design has given her a strong foundation. Always hungry for new challenges she has recently become immersed in the world of WordPress, which she thinks is the most awesome content management system around, and creating responsive layouts that change configuration to be optimal for viewing on any sized device whether it be mobile, tablet or desktop.

When not working with clients Donna enjoys working on personal side projects as well as gardening, cooking, traveling, and spending time with friends and family.


Self-taught in graphic design, Claire Emiko Fant learned the ropes as a young assistant to Michael Masi of Masi Design and subscribing to Communication Arts magazine. Since then she has been freelancing in graphic design and illustration. An abiding interest in letterforms led her to study calligraphy, sign painting and architectural drafting along the way.

As type houses and press-on letters gave way to computers, she figured it was time she learned how to use one, and enrolled in the Digital Interactive Media program at Shoreline Community College where she discovered that web design particularly suited her technical and artistic inclinations. While at Shoreline, Claire met Donna, and they ended up working together on a couple of web design projects. They discovered a shared obsession with things webby as well as the same sense of humor. They decided to pool their efforts and collaborate as an LLC. DonnaClaireDesign was established in 2005.

Claire also teaches web design part-time at Shoreline Community College, where she enjoys interacting with students. She also writes occasional articles about Asian and Asian American artists for Seattle's International District non-profit newspaper, International Examiner.