Unique solutions for every project


We collaborate with you to determine the best content strategy and presentation for your website. Incorporating your requirements and our expertise we ensure that your site’s visitors encounter a memorable, positive experience regardless of what type of device the site is viewed on. We provide a custom design that is unique, because it is an expression of you, your business, and your work. If a redesign is in order we work with you to determine the best way to enhance the site’s user experience while retaining your brand recognition so that returning folks won’t feel jolted.

User Experience

Your website should be easily navigated and understood so that the desired outcome is accomplished. We work with you to create a design that allows visitors to quickly understand the interface so they get what they need.

Content Strategy

We work with you to organize your content so that your site engages a particular target market and generates the desired outcome, whether it means selling a product, signing up for a newsletter, receiving donations, or getting a job, project or commission.


We build your site according to web standards best practices and with current web technologies, including HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript to make sure that your valuable content remains accessible on any device as the web continues to evolve. We pay close attention to streamlined, search engine optimized coding practices.


If you require your website to be built using a content management system (CMS), because you either want to handle updates personally or because multiple people will be uploading content, we will design and build a custom theme on the WordPress platform. More on WordPress.


A website is never done and left to its own devices. Web technologies and content require updating to ensure optimal performance. Also, periodically updating a website contributes to its search engine optimization and high ranking in a search result. We offer excellent support at an affordable cost to maintain your site according to your needs. If you don’t want the hassle of formatting your content and updating your site, we are available to provide that service promptly for you (either at an on demand hourly rate or at a monthly maintenance rate).

If you elect to use a CMS like WordPress and prefer to update your site yourself, we provide tutorials or one-on-one instruction on how to update your site using the online WordPress interface.

Whether your site is a portfolio, a web application or an ecommerce site, we approach your project with the utmost care and attention to detail so that the outcome benefits your visitors and, hence, your business.


Besides working on DonnaClaireDesign projects, we also assist others with their website issues, by troubleshooting, or just lending a helping hand.

  • Are you a business owner who needs help with a couple of website related problems? We will gladly help you to resolve them.
  • Are you a web designer who needs help with a tricky jQuery, JavaScript or PHP implementation? Need help with responsive pages, HTML5, or CSS3 implementation? We can assist you so that you complete your project as promised to your client.
  • Are you overloaded with work and just need another pair of helping hands? We can help with whatever you need to complete. Truth is we love working with other designers and talking shop!